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Licking Up the Modes: Ionian - Discussion

Mike Salow 210 lessons

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So as I said earlier all of these licks will be in C Ionian (major). 

Within a C Maj7 chord we have various target notes, tensions we can add, and one "void" note.

Below you will find the example chords that are played in the video from left to right we have C Maj7, C Maj9, and C Maj13 (8th fret C).


Below I have included a diagram of the C Ionian (major) scale with each scale degree named.

Are target notes (notes within a C Maj7 chord) are our Root (R), 3rd, 5th, and 7th. Our C Maj7 arpeggio outlines this perfectly.

As previously mentioned we also have some tensions that can be added to give us a nice sound. Our 9th and our 13th.

Our E min7 and A min7 each it three target notes and an added tension. The 9 is in E min7 and the 13 is in A min7.

The 4 (or 11) is called a void note but that just means we don't want to stick on that note. It sounds great when quickly resolved to the 3.

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