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Drop D Progressions - Exercise 1

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Drop D Chord Progressions Tutorial. I recently did a chord progression tutorial based on standard tuning, but in this one we'll be experimenting with the tunings a bit. We're primarily going to stay in Drop D tuning, however we will also delve into "DADGAD" tuning.

Now, if you have no idea what Drop D tuning is, be sure to check out this lesson before going any further.

While we play with these Drop D chords, you'll notice that you'll often be barring the lower notes with your index finger. Since we lowered our Low E string down to a D note, our chord shapes will be quite different compared to standard tuning.

In this first exercise, we have a slow and soothing progression. We'll be using the chords D, Dsus2add13, F#7sus4, E5, DMaj7, and Bm. We're also going to be incorporating the open B and High E strings to give the chords some extra texture.

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