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Drop D Progressions - Exercise 3 (DADGAD)

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

We're now going to experiment with DADGAD tuning. To go to DADGAD tuning, switch the following strings accordingly from standard tuning:

High E: switch to D
B: switch to A
G: leave as is
D: leave as is
A: leave as is
Low E: switch to D

So if you were to look at the string notes from the Low E to the High E strings, it would read: DADGAD.

In this particular progression, we will be using chords like Gadd9, D, Gsus2, Dadd11, D5, Dsus2, and Dsus4.

Be sure to notice the dead notes indicated by the "X" symbols. Whenever you see those, it simply means you will be muting the applicable strings.

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