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Chord Progressions - G, Em, Am, C

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Chord Progressions - E, EMaj7, C#m7, Aadd9

In this tutorial, we're going to learn a handful of simple chord progressions. I played everything on an acoustic guitar, but the progressions and principles can of course be applied to electric as well.

Let each progression spark ideas for you. While you learn each one, think about how you can apply the progression techniques and/or chords into your own playing ideas.

And finally, I put chord diagrams on the top of each tablature image. So if you ever aren't sure how to play a given chord, be sure to refer to the chord diagrams. Study the tab closely for each progression, and be mindful of the strumming/picking motions as well.

In this first progression, we're going to be using the chords: G, Em, Am, and C. Be sure to notice the different dynamics I'm adding to the strumming. For most of the progression, I'm hovering over the Low E string, then every once in a while I play the full chords at a louder volume.

Lastly, don't forget to add in those quick sixteenth notes at the end of each measure. Putting those in there makes the strumming a little more tasty.

Got it down? On to the 2nd progression!