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'In the style of' Andy McKee - Part 7

Rick Graham 210 lessons

OK, we have now reached the final part and perhaps the most exciting part, Tapping!!!

Note wise it is an exact repetition of part 6 but played with the inclusion of right and left hand taps.

In order to get the best results it is essential that your hands are completely relaxed and that you don't try to tap too hard. This will result in poor quality tone and more often than not, inaudible notes. So stay relaxed and keep your tapping light enough to produce the best results.

In order to let the taps sustain for the correct duration we have to play the open strings in this section with the appropriate right hand fingers whilst still over the fretboard. This may feel very unusual at first but as with everything it will become much more comfortable for you over time.

OK, that should keep you occupied for some time :) Best of luck and practice hard!

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