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Chord Progressions - BMaj7, EMaj7, F#, E

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Chord Progressions - E, EMaj7, C#m7, Aadd9 Chord Progressions - B, D#m, C#, G#, A#

Next, we'll be using these chords: BMaj7, EMaj7, F#, E. As with most Major 7 progressions, this one sounds very calm and soothing.

Make sure you mute the appropriate strings in this. Anytime you see an "X" in the chord diagram, that means you don't want that string to sound. For example, look at the BMaj7 diagram. Notice how the A string has an "X" marking? So you'd need to mute that string. In this case, you'd use your index finger to gently rest on the A string to mute it.

Also, make note of bars 5 through 7 here. Rather than just strictly strumming, we're now going to start incorporating a few single notes.