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String Skipping Etude - Exercise 1

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String Skipping Etude - Performance String Skipping Etude - Exercise 2

The first 2 measures of the intro start out with string skipping on the D and B strings. If you look at the tablature, you can see that you'll be palm muting all the notes on the D string while the other notes will be played normally without palm mutes. Also, we'll primarily be using sixteenth notes in these lessons.

We'll also be using a lot of alternate picking. This type of picking is a very effective way to pick when skipping from one string to another. For example, if you end on a downstroke on one string, then skip a string to another note, the most practical motion for the next note would be an upstroke...and vice versa.

In the 3rd and 4th measures, we're going to play a couple arpeggios while also implementing legato. Play this section especially slow and make sure all notes are equal in volume. Lastly, don't forget about the palm mutes on the Low E and D strings.