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Picking Inside - Using Inside and Outside Picking

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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Now, we're going to mix it up to where you'll be using both inside and outside picking.

In this chord progression, we'll be playing power chords. First with E, then G, then A, then B.

As in the last lesson, I want you to look at each pair of 2 notes. Notice with the first pair of notes you are using outside picking, then the next pair you are using inside picking.

It's important to see the differences between inside and outside picking. And it's just as important to see how they can work together to form riffs that flow. Ultimately, this lesson's exercise would be very difficult if you only picked inside, or only picked outside. Doing so would also prevent the consistent "down up down up down up" alternate picking motion.

So be sure to evaluate the patterns you play, and use both inside and outside picking to your advantage. If you use both properly, it'll make things much easier when you alternate pick on multiple strings.

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