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Tutorial - Vibrato Bootcamp!
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Vibrato Bootcamp! - Final Words

Al Joseph 245 lessons

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Once again I hope this tutorial was helpful for you all. Articulation isn't easy. It takes a trained ear and a good amount of focus before it becomes second nature. Stay on top of it and you'll be turning heads and building fans of your own!


1. Wide Vs. Fast - Smooth Vs. Buzzy vibrato is best. Master that and you can even choose how wide a vibrato you desire for any given musical situation. It's all about time feel.

2. Time feel. We've all been told that vibrato is an expressive thing. But believe it or not, great vibrato is best represented through those who posses a high altitude of time feel. The truth is in the numbers. Just simply listen to how greats such as Andy Timmons uses his vibrato and you'll be able to tell right away!

3. Commit. Make this a part of your playing internally. Emerge yourself in it and it will teach you things about your playing. Natural talent is great, but every pro has to improve to be recognized among the flock.

Good luck guys and remember to hit me up on the forums, Facebook, or YouTube if you have any questions.

All the best,


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