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Tutorial: Latin Groove

"Latin Groove" - Backing Strum

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"Latin Groove" - Exercise 4 "Latin Groove" - Backing Percussion

We're also going to take a little time to explore the backing for this piece. When you hear the song, you'll notice a rhythm guitar in the background strumming some chords. Let's go ahead and learn that strum...

As far as the actual chords, we'll be using the following chord progression:

Am, Em, G, Am

As I say in the video, you'll want to think of this strum in terms of 16th notes (1 e + a 2 e + a 3 e + a 4 e + a). Each beat will be the exact same as far as the strumming pattern goes. For example, in the first beat, the "1" count will be a downward strum, the "e" count will be an upward strum, then "+" count will be a downward mute, and the "a" count will be an upward strum. Then the pattern will repeat for each beat. Be sure to study the tablature below to learn where the chord changes take place.