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Tutorial: Latin Groove

"Latin Groove" - Exercise 1

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"Latin Groove" - Full Video "Latin Groove" - Exercise 2

Here we have the main theme of the song. It has a bit of a sexy, smooth jazz feel to it.

First thing to observe, is the first two notes played at the very start. This is called a "pick up", where a single note or group of notes are played before the downbeat of the first full measure.

In the second bar, we'll see our first occurence of thirty-second notes when we slide from the 7th fret G string to the 9th fret. Be on the lookout for 32nd notes as they occur frequently throughout this piece.

There is also a lot of legato used in this piece to enhance the smooth sound. Make sure your legato notes (hammer ons, pull offs, and slides) are clear and equal in volume.

Once you have the first part down, continue to the next page for exercise 2!