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Tutorial - Graphic Equalizers
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Graphic Equalizers - Introduction

Lucas Fowler 43 lessons

Hey guys! This month we're going to go over how to use a Graphic Equalizer to shape the tone of your amp in a very powerful way. Grapic EQ's are a must have pedal in every guitar player's collection, they allow you to very drastically modify the sound of an amp, compensate for speaker and cabinet size and even give you an extra volume control for minute adjustments.

In the first section, I'll explain what these sliders do in practice to the guitar's sound, in the context of being in the amp's effects loop. Different EQ's have sliders in different frequency ranges, but they tend to be in the ballpark with each other. For instance, a 750hz slider will have a very similar effect to an 800hz slider. Experiment with different EQ's to see which one suits you best!

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