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Tutorial - Moonlit Waters
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Moonlit Waters - Exercise 1

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

Picking-Hand Fingering

T Thumb
I Index Finger
M Middle Finger
A Ring Finger
O Pinky Finger

In Exercise 1, we're going to be accenting certain eighth note beats with the Cm7 and Bm7 chords.

Throughout this song, we'll be using our picking-hand fingers to pluck a majority of the notes. In the tablature below, you'll notice letters under the notes/chords which indicate what fingers to use to pluck the strings. Check out the chart on the right to see exactly which letters indicate which fingers.

Note: In the video, I'm using a pick instead of my thumb. However, feel free to use whatever type of fingering feels best to you.

When you watch me play this part, you might notice that in between the chords, I'm bouncing my right hand on the strings. What I'm doing there is basically keeping an 8th note rhythm during the rests. Doing this isn't necessary, but I'd recommend that you do it as it adds a cool rhythmic feel to the section.

In the tablature below, you'll notice that I put two different sections there: one for bars 1-4, and another for bars 13-16. The parts are very similar, except there's a slight change with what strings are played. In bars 1-4, you'll be playing the chord's notes on the Low E, A, D, and G strings. However, in bars 13-16, you'll be playing the chord's notes on the Low E, D, G, and B strings.

Let's take a look at the two Bm7 chords in the last bar of each section. You might notice that when I play those two chords in the video, they're played very loosely with my right hand. Rather than giving the chords abrupt strumming motions, try gently dragging the pick across the strings like I did.

Have it down? On to Exercise 2!

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