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Tutorial - Half Picking
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Half Picking: Etude - Exercise 1

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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Here is the first of four parts of the etude. Don't skip ahead to the other ones until you have this one down. The goal of this tutorial is for you to get the actual technique down first, then branch out and start applying it elsewhere. So take your time and go slow as you learn it.

As you'll see in these exercises, this etude heavily revolves around the use of octaves. We'll be playing a pattern on the G and B strings, then we'll play that same pattern an octave lower on the A and D strings.

Also, watch out for the "hammer-ons from nowhere". You'll notice that many times when changing strings you'll have to hammer-on the new string from nowhere.

Keep all notes at an equal volume. Since there is a lot of legato, it can be easy to get lazy on some notes and not pull-off or hammer-on clearly. You should be able to hear each note clearly, whether played with a pick or legato.

Got the first exercise down? Turn the page and learn the next exercise!

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