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Practicing Scales: Right Hand Technique - Group 5

Rick Graham 210 lessons

Welcome to the final group in this tutorial, group 5.

This group will cover some of the more unusual ways of practicing scales. The first example utilizes left hand hammer ons only. In the previous group, we played the scale using left hand only, however, we played hammers when ascending and pull offs when descending. This example requires you to play the scale with hammer ons when both ascending AND descending.

You will find that the finger that needs the most attention will be the index finger when ascending. If you have never tried this before it will feel very unusual. The best way to approach this is to use as light a touch as possible. This will yield the greatest results.

In example 2 we will be playing the first two notes, when ascending, as hammer ons and the third note of every string will be played with a right hand tap. Again, simply reverse the sequence when descending.

I hope that you found this tutorial to be useful and that it has opened up some doors for you to do your own exploring. As always, if you have any questions, head on over to the forums. Best of luck!

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