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Tutorial - Blues Cruise
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Blues Cruise - Exercise 5

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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Out of all the exercises, this last one has the most bends. Keep those bends in tune! And on a sidenote, if you are a guitarist that isn't very used to bending, make sure you pace yourself and your fingers when getting used to it. You don't want to strain your fingers by diving headfirst and doing a bunch of crazy bends. Build up your finger strength first.

In bar 15, we'll have another little sweeping passage. Keep your picking steady as the pick glides across the strings.

To end the exercise, you'll be playing quite a few bends on the 20th fret of the B string. Make sure the pitch reaches exactly a full step up (the pitch of the 22nd fret).

Once you have everything down, head on over to the next page to jam with the backing track. Have fun!

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