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"In the style of" Joe Pass - Part 1

Mike Edwin 69 lessons

Hey Guitarist's and Guitarete's.

Here are the first 12 bars of our Chordal Blues. Aside from the novelty of having this broken up into manageable sections, I'll be laying out all the chords and substitutions being used in each part.

I wont be going so far as to tell you the exact purpose of every note because this would take forever. I will however point out the general motion of the chords so you can see where all the shapes are coming from.

Bar 1- Bb13 - E9
Bar 2- Eb9 with Bbdim7 on beat 4
Bar 3- Bb7
Bar 4- Fm7 with Bb altered on beat 4
Bar 5- Eb9 - Eb13 - Bbm9
Bar 6- Eb9 with F7 altered on beat 3+4
Bar 7- Bb7 > Eb9
Bar 8- Ab13 > Db13 (both chords are moving up and down in semi tones as you can see, this is purely for effect)
Bar 9- C13b9
Bar 10- Cm9 > F13 on beat 3 > F7aug > Bb7
Bar 11- Bb7 > Gm7b5
Bar 12- C7

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