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Economy of Motion

100% of my students do not exercise maximum fret-hand efficiency while playing and consequently exert far too much energy. Let’s analyze the solution together.


A song entails a composer’s message that is longing to be told, and longing to be heard. Let’s take a look at some steps on how to approach composing.

Pentatonic Finder

The goal of this lesson is to help you improvise freely across any key changes, anywhere on the neck, and learn how to conceptually visualize scales and keys.

How to Read Guitar Tablature

Tablature is the most widely used method of reading music for guitar, and is often much easier for people to read than standard notation.

Triad Arpeggio Exercise

This triad arpeggio exercise is an excellent workout for both hands and it will help you visualize more clearly how a chord can be spread over the fretboard.