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Tutorial - Redemption
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Redemption - Full Video

Sean Conklin 456 lessons


In this song tutorial we'll be learning a piece I wrote called "Redemption".

As you go through the tutorial, you'll notice that the entire piece is centered on the following chord progression: C, Em, Am, F. You'll also notice that everything is played on only 2 strings (Low E and A). What I attempted to do in this piece was to make it dynamically interesting, even though we're staying on the same strings and in the same chord progression throughout the whole thing. Hopefully I did that successfully, but you can be the judge! :)

So if there's one thing I'd like to emphasize here, it's that there are millions of riff ideas that you can play over a given chord progression. This tutorial only shows 3 or 4 riff ideas that can be played over a C, Em, Am, F progression. I'd encourage you to pick random chord progressions and see what riff ideas you can come up with. Be creative and have fun!

Once you've watched the video above, head on over to the next page for Exercise 1.

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