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Tutorial - Expiration Date
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"Expiration Date" - Exercise 1

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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This first riff is pretty fun to play. The particular note choice coupled with legato gives this riff a subtle Asian sound.

Keep in mind the use of legato throughout this riff. For example, check out the first 5 notes in the first measure. Then look at the pickstrokes indicated below the tab. See how there are only 2 picktrokes for the first 5 notes? You'll pick the first note with a downstroke, then hammer-on on the 7th fret, then you'll hammer-on from nowhere on the 9th fret of the A string, then you'll pick that same note with an upstroke, then slide to the 12th fret. I just said "then" like 500 times in that run-on sentence! But you get the idea. :)

One other thing to keep in mind: When you're doing all these slides, make sure the slides have consistent sustain. The slides are pretty quick and span over quite a few frets, so make sure they have proper sustain throughout.

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