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Eluding the Mastermind - Exercise 2

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Eluding the Mastermind - Exercise 1 Eluding the Mastermind - Exercise 3

Now let's start getting more melodic! I especially like this riff as it's pretty fun to play. It may be a bit challenging at first though as there are many hand movements shifting back and forth on the fretboard.

The trickiest part here may be the fingering. When you first learn this, try to use the fingering you see me using in the video. However, in the end, just use whatever fingering feels most comfortable to you. As long as the notes are clear and the movements are fluid, whatever fingers you choose to use should be fine.

Be sure to keep the legato aspects of this riff very smooth as well. Make sure the hammer-ons and slides are crystal clear.

Got it down? Then it's time for some crazy metal rhythm playing in Exercise 3!