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Picking Inside - Melodic Riff

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Picking Inside - String Skipping Picking Inside - Melodic Riff: Backing Track

Here's a cool melodic rock riff we can apply the "picking inside" principle to. This riff will have a mix of both picking inside and picking outside techniques.

This exercise is a bit awkward compared to the others when it comes to picking. With this exercise, we need to imagine all the notes in groups of 3. Basically, the pattern is where you'll play 1 note on the D string, then 2 notes on the G string, a total of 3 notes, then the pattern repeats. Since we have this uneven pattern and we're using alternate picking, that means that each time you play the D string, you'll be playing with a different stroke. If you look at the tab below, notice how the first time you'll play the D string with a downstroke, then the next time you'll play the D string with an upstroke. It's important to get familiar with "uneven" picking patterns because note sequences aren't always even among the strings.

Once you have this lesson nailed, feel free to go to the next lesson for the backing track.