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Classical Guitar Solo - 'Lagrima' by F. Tarrega

Rick Graham 210 lessons


In today's lesson we will be studying the classical guitar solo written by Spanish composer/guitarist Francisco Tárrega (1852 - 1909).

Tárrega is considered by many to have been responsible for the revival of interest in the guitar as a concert instrument during the 19th century. His relationship with the guitar builder A. Torres resulted in a guitar which has stood the test of time and is still a blueprint for many of today's concert guitars. The new guitar's superior sonic qualities inspired him both in his playing and in his view of the instrument's compositional potential. As a result, Tarrega became a prolific composer.

Today's solo 'Lágrima' is translated as 'teardrop' and is a relatively easy piece to play from a technical point of view. However, the difficult thing is to discover what lies behind the notes of this emotional piece.

OK, watch the video and I'll see you in part 1.


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