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Drop Tuned Chord Voicings - Intro

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Drop Tuned Chord Voicings - Major Triad & add9

Hello again!

We'll be taking a different route this time around by talking about chord voicings that can be used when in a dropped tuning.

This is a lesson for those metal players who would like to hear more harmonic depth within their riffs OR for the fusion player who may want a heavier sound to their tunes.

These voicings are similar to those used by bands like The Faceless and Periphery.

The tuning that we'll be using for this lesson is as follows (starting from the low 6th string): C - G - C - F - A - D

However, you can use these voicings in any dropped tuning. For example, they will work perfectly fine in Drop D tuning. D - A - D - G - B - E 

We will be placing the root at the 7th fret for every chord. This is ussually a B note but is now a G due to our tuning.

There are some wide stretches that will be happening in our chording hand so make sure to stretch a little bit and try not to strain yourself.

Have fun!