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Tutorial - Songwriting

Songwriting - Introduction

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

Creating a song is the most fulfilling experience that a musician can ever have. Whether it be a soft ballad, an epic instrumental, or a heavy metal headbanger, a song is a work of art with which the writer can take much pride. A song encompasses the writer’s vision of a message that is longing to be told, and longing to be heard. Music is one of the strongest forms of communication. So what better way for a musician to communicate than by using instruments to do so?

I am a composer and have been composing ever since I picked up the guitar. At first, I was actually more concerned about making my own music rather than actually “learning” the guitar. From the beginning, I had this perspective that music was a gift that I was responsible to share with others. Sure, some musicians may prefer to keep their music to themselves, and that’s fine. Most artists, however, wish to express themselves through their craft, for others to hear and see. There is an ultimate satisfaction that takes place when you witness other people enjoying and relating to your own music. And I’m guessing you are reading this because you have a slight to strong interest in the subject of songwriting. That’s awesome! So please allow me to take you on a little informational tour, reaching deep into the core of music. We’ll discuss various elements of songwriting and delve into how you can improve as a songwriter…and consequently, as a musician.

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