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Tutorial - Songwriting

Songwriting - Inspiration

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

Inspiration. Without it, music wouldn’t exist. Every existing piece of music has been developed because a human being was inspired to write it. A high achievement, the death of a loved one, blossoming love, deteriorating love, a religious experience, difficult seasons, a new adventure…these are only a few of life’s circumstances that can inspire song. So whether it be inspiration from a significant circumstance, or inspiration from the sole desire to write and enjoy music in general, it is inspiration nonetheless. And it is the key ingredient to songwriting.

You need to find what really inspires you. It might sound silly and you might not think much of it, but it needs to be taken seriously if you want to write effective and influential music. I’m assuming you want to write music that impacts people. Nobody cares much about the songs that go in one ear and out the other.

Now, I am always surrounded by music. I hear plenty of songs within the span of a day. And I can tell a huge difference from songs whose artists have found their true inspirations, from songs whose artists’ only seemingly inspiration was to write radio-friendly tunes that we’ve already heard from fifty other artists. In other words, originality, and the ability to impact listeners are the ultimate signs that a musician has truly figured out how to channel their inspiration into music.

The main thing that I want you to remember is this…you will only find fulfillment in your music if you follow your heart. As cheesy as it sounds, that is what will make you happy, that is what will make your music original, and most importantly, that is what will make your music memorable to someone else. It may be memorable to just one person, or maybe millions of people, but that shouldn’t matter, as long as you’re writing music that truly stems from what inspires you.

Okay, that’s my heartfelt “speech” for you. Wipe your tears, try to stop crying if you can, and let’s keep going! :)

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