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'Still Hurts' by Marco Sfogli - Unison Section (10)

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'Still Hurts' by Marco Sfogli - 2nd Chorus (9) 'Still Hurts' by Marco Sfogli - Final section (11...

Ok it's time for the 'Still Hurts' unison!

What you will need to do is subdivide this section into bars as I did in the above video. If necessary, subdivide the bars into sections as well so that you can really get a grasp on the patterns.

I have to tell you that this particular section represented quite a challenge for me as my first approach to any picked passage is to negotiate it with economy picking. This doesn't really work with this section particularly because it needs a strong solid rhythmic approach and also some of the string skips need to be negotiated with 'outside' picking.

As always, do not attempt to increase your speed with this section until you have the patterns firmly under your fingers.