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'Freefall' Arpeggio study - Solo

Rick Graham 210 lessons

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Hey IG'ists! Thanks for dropping in on this latest tutorial in which we will be looking at an arpeggio study I wrote entitled 'Freefall'!

Some of you may have seen the thread I posted in the forums about Captain Joe Kittinger who performed an incredible feat all in the name of science. Check the thread out here.

I was so inspired by this that I decided to try to recreate what his experience may have been like in musical form.

The approach that I took was to give the listener the impression of some kind of descent and I used an alternating Maj7 and Min7 arpeggio and pattern which I felt gave a feeling of space. These descending chords depict the initial drop made by Kittinger as he was so high and the air was so thin at that altitude, he is recorded as saying that he had no feeling of falling, only floating. It was only as his reached a lower altitude that he felt he was falling as he could feel more air around him which acted as resistance.

At bar 25, the F#min7b5 chord, Kittinger reaches the clouds and the subsequent patterns depict his approach and final landing.

OK, that has given you an insight into the inspiration for the study so with that done, it's bombs away into the first section!!

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