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Tutorial: Minor Blues

Minor Blues - Progression 1

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Minor Blues - Introduction Minor Blues - Progression 2

Okay, here we go!

In this first progression we'll only be using our three minor chords in their most basic open string form. All the chord shapes we'll use throughout each progression are given below each example in TAB, standard notation and chord boxes for your convenience.

This is a minor blues in its most basic form and has a rather 'folky' quality rather than the standard sound usually associated with this style of music.

We'll expand and enhance this chord progression very soon, but for now, if you're new to these chords, try switching between them as I do and get use to reading the chord chart below.

If you're cool with this one move on for the more advanced progressions.

As a side note - all these progressions will accept an A minor Pentatonic scale for soloing and improvising. Have a go over my demos and see what you can come up with.