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Dominant Inversions - 1st Inversion Pt.2

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Dominant Inversions - 1st Inversion Pt.1 Chord Inversions - Accompanyment

This video is a follow up to part1 of the first inversion study. Hence part2.

All I want you to do here is take notice of the similarities between the first inversion and the half diminished chord(aka m7b5)

There are many other chord forms which can be related to the first inversion, for now though lets just familiarize ourselves with the m7b5 chord.

A little bit of theory for you. The m7b5 chord, in one respect, is a rootless voicing of a Dominant 9th.

So for example; Eb9 would contain the notes Eb G Bb D F. If we take away the Eb we have G Bb D F, this is a Gm7b5. This applies to any Dominant 9 chord. Remove the root note and you will have a m7b5.