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Tutorial: Shell Voicings

Shell Voicings - Roots on the 5th String

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Shell Voicings - Roots on the 6th String Shell Voicings - Applied to the Blues

Now let's do the same thing but for shell voicings rooted on the 5th string - A.

Again, we'll do all these voicings from the note G which is located up at the 10th fret of the A string. Learn each voicing as listed below and in the video and then experiment with them up and down the fretboard.

Note that the m7b5 shape is the same as the m7 shape since we are omitting the 5th from the chord.

As explained in the video, try playing each chord with the 3rd shifted up an octave also. These shapes are listed below for you to learn!

In the next video we'll try these shapes out in a progression.