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Tutorial - All About Harmonics
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Artificial/Pinch Harmonics - Part 1

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

First off, we need to discuss the terms artificial and pinch harmonics. These are most often labeled as two different names for the same thing, that is, the harmonics produced using the thumb and pick in unison. In reality, Artificial Harmonics is an umbrella term for ALL non-natural open-string harmonics.

HOWEVER, you should be aware of the fact that certain sources (including Guitar Pro and other programs) have “A.H.” as a term you can choose, where you can choose what harmonic you want to produce. That is, you can tab out a D 5th fret on the A-string, and choose ANY note to be posted underneath as being the harmonic sounding. This is of course INCORRECT, since we have by now learned that you can only access the harmonics given by the harmonic-series, and NOT any arbitrary tone.

I use the term "artificial harmonics" VERY loosely, since NO harmonic is really artificial. As I state in the video, say again that you have an open D-string and play various harmonics up and down that string. Then say you put a Capo (or a finger) on the same D on the A-string (5th fret), and use your left hand pinky, right hand or whatever method of producing the same harmonics, they are not in any way less “natural” are they?

Once again, look at the Table of Harmonics, and realize that whatever string length you use (be it an open, or a shorter string with the same pitch created with your left hand or a Capo), the corresponding harmonics are ALWAYS positioned at the exact same relative positions.

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