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Tutorial - Shell Voicings

Shell Voicings - Using all the Shapes

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Tom Quayle 164 lessons
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Our last chord progression is going to live firmly in the jazz camp. It's still a blues, but it's mainly called a 'Parker Blues'. Named after the famous sax player Charlie Parker, it differs considerably from our standard blues in a few aspects.

First of all we'll be using all of our shell voicings including the major 7th chord - an unusual addition to a blues which usually relys on either dominant 7th or minor 7th chords.

The second difference is that this progression features a lot of descending II-V progressions, meaning progressions which feature m7 and dom7 chords moving down the fretboard. (If you've not encountered these before don't worry about them - the theory is not something to worry about at this stage!) This is very 'jazz' as this genre of music relies heavily on this type of chord progression - especially when it's of the bebop variety!

Try creating a swing feel mimicking my feel in the video if you want to go for a jazz sound.

Notice the Em7b5 chord in the progression by the way. Take note again that the shell voicing for this chord is the same as all the normal m7 chords.

Enjoy and move on to the next video for a final look at how shell voicings can enhance your playing and chord vocabulary.

Tablature for Shell Voicings - Using all the Shapes
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Tablature for Shell Voicings - Using all the Shapes
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