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Tutorial - Quartal Harmony
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Quartal Harmony - Backing Track

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

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Here's the backing track for the tutorial. It's a C pedal which you can use to play any set of quartal chords to outline a particular mode as I did in my examples video.

Try making C dorian by starting on the II chord at the note C,

C Phrygian by starting on the III chord at the note C,

C Lydian by starting on the IV chord at the note C,

C Mixolydian by starting on the V chord at the note C,

C Aeolian by starting on the VI chord at the note C,

C Locrian by starting on the VII chord at the note C.

Enjoy playing quartal grooves - next time we'll use these in the context of a chord progression!

See you there.

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