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Modern Legato Application - Exercise 4

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

Here's example number 4.

Now, in this example, again over a G major tonality, I use some pretty unorthodox stretches between my 1st and 2nd finger stretching between the 5th and 2nd frets on the A string. I do this because it allows me the best attack and control during the phrase. However, if this feels completely weird or wrong to you, feel free to experiment with other fingerings which work better for your playing style.

The phrase ends with a chromatic run reminiscent of a bebop line so be careful to keep your timing accurate and consistent throughout this section. This is the kind of thing sax players do a great deal of! Practice preliminary exercise number 2 if this is really tricky for you.

Again, be aware that the TAB below is for 4ths tuning in order to represent the line exactly as I would play it if improvised. All the standard tuning TABS are at the end of the tutorial.

Be sure to compare both versions to see benefits and disadvantages to you of both tunings. A full 4ths tuning tutorial is on the way!

Pay attention also to your first finger placement. Your first finger placement is crucial to the success of this line as all your other fingers will follow it's position. Slow practice will yield the best results. Note that I am barring with my first finger in the first bar between the high E and B strings (F and C in 4ths tuning!) (The small numbers under the TAB show which fingers on the left hand to use.)

Good luck!


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