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Hybrid Picking Sequences - Example 4

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

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Example 4 is a kicker! In this one we move into the promised land of pentatonics so get ready to stretch those fingers!

Here we're using the 3-note per string approach to pentatonics, connecting two adjacent positions. We also layer pentatonics on each other going up in minor thirds, so we will play through the Am, Cm, Ebm and F#m/Gbm pentatonic before resolving into the Am pentatonic again. The idea of superimposing pentatonics is a very common tool in both jazz and fusion, but is perhaps not that applicable when used in a very long sequence such as this (unless you rip through it at Coltrane speed that is!). However, the idea is still there, but the focus here is technique and sequencing, not the superimposition idea as such.

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