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Sequencing Pentatonics - Examples 1: a-b

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Sequencing Pentatonics - Introduction Sequencing Pentatonics - Examples 2: a-b


In this example, we have a tried and true pentatonic sequence, that you will probably have come across in one shape or another before. You play the sequence descending in 3-note groupings.

First off, we play it in triplets, which would be the most common way of playing a 3-note grouped sequence.

However, we also want to be able to play any sequence in any note value. So, in example 1.b, we play the same sequence using straight sixteenth notes.

You can of course play any of these sequences using strict alternate picking, try it with a left-hand only approach. I myself use a combination of the two which I think works well. This way it is easier to add accents and move around in any variations.