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Tutorial - Rockin' Rhythm
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Rockin' Rhythm - Slowed Down

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

There are basically 3 parts to this piece. In the tab below, you'll see each part specified.

When you first observe the tab, you'll see plenty of "X" markings. These markings represent what are called dead notes. Dead notes can add a great percussive element to your rhythm playing. When you execute these notes, palm-mute the strings with your picking hand, and also slap your fret-hand fingers on the strings to ensure a completely muted sound. Watch the video closely to see how I do that.

Another key thing in this piece is the use of harmonics. By the way, you'll want to use a lot of gain with your sound in order for your pickups to sustain the harmonics effectively. In the tab, the harmonics will be indicated by the "Harm." markings. When you see these markings, you'll want to lightly touch your fingers above the indicated fret, just barely touching the string. It may take some practice getting the harmonics to ring out properly.

Lastly, be on the lookout for all the different rhythmic note values. You'll be coming across sixteenth notes, eighth notes, as well as quarter notes.

Once you have all the parts down, get ready for the backing track on the next page!

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