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The March Guitar Triathlon - Event 2

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

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First off in event 2, please note that the 7th B string is down tuned one whole step to A. Furthermore, you might note that the part is noted with bass clef instead of G clef, which is something that GP seems to do by default, so concentrate on the Tab in this case if you have problems reading bass clef.

This first riff is played during the main melody of the tune. The chords are pretty much the same as in the main riff, just an octave lower and in a slightly different voicing. There is the chord in bar 4 however, which has the C instead of C#, providing some tension against the melody line.

Other than that it’s pretty straight forward, with roughly the same right hand picking patterns as the riff in Event 1. Please pay attention to the noted picking patterns however. As with the riffs in Event 1, they can get hard to play with strict alternate picking patterns.

As a side note you might notice some pretty aggressive over tones when I play. This is because I use a pick made of Danish flint stone in this video (hand made by an old guy that looks like Santa heh). Super smooth to play with, but gives a pretty crisp attack. I like it, but in case you’re bothered by it, at least you could eliminate that “bite” using a regular pick.

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