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Creative Scales - Improvisation Example

Rick Graham 210 lessons

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OK, here's a no frills improvisation example using the Pentatonic Hybrid scale. Hopefully, you can hear how pleasing it is to the ear with the addition of the 9th to the scale.

Also take note that I try to stick to just the notes of the scale without adding any other notes (although there are 1 or 2!). This is a real challenge as you must be as creative as you can be with what you have. Adding notes is great but it makes great practice to make sure that you stick to A minor pentatonic whenever you are on the lower 3 strings and  E minor pentatonic on the upper 3 strings. Try not to slip back into using just the A minor pentatonic as that is an easy trap to fall into.

Great, now it's your turn! Head over to the next page to try it with the backing track.

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