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Tutorial: Spatial Gravity

Spatial Gravity - Exercise 1

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Spatial Gravity - Performance Spatial Gravity - Exercise 2

Before we learn the first exercise, I want to highlight the fact that we'll be using a couple different time signatures in this song, primarily being 7/8 and 4/4, and a little bit of 2/4. If you need a refresher course on any of these time signatures or just time signatures in general, be sure to check out this tutorial.

We'll be starting the tune with an open-string riff on the G-string. We're basically going to be playing four different fretted notes here, and in between each of those notes we'll be inserting two open-string notes. The only exception is at the end of each measure, where we'll only be playing one open-string note before beginning the next measure.

The time signature for this exercise is 7/8, and we'll be playing sixteenth notes exclusively. Also, be sure to use alternate picking.

Have it down? On to Exercise 2!