John Petrucci Speed Lick - Explanation

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John Petrucci Speed Lick - Demonstration

So as you can hear, this is definitely "Petrucci style" especially with how we're alternate picking a chromatic sequence.

Some key points and tips:

- Works over the key of A minor.

- Mainly uses alternate picking.

- Practicing with a metronome is recommended.

- Try to play the lick with precision, and accuracy.

- Second exercise acts as a great warm-up.

Once you feel you have mastered the lick, try reversing or re-arranging the idea to further challenge your technique.

***I should also mention that Mike Portnoy has officially parted ways with Dream Theater, but the band as a whole is not breaking up like I said in the video. I had originally heard that the band might break up through a verbal rumor, but that looks to be entirely false.***

Hope you all enjoy the lick. Shred hard!