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Chromatic Fusion Licks - Example 1

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Chromatic Fusion Licks - Example 2

Hey guys,

This tutorial includes a couple of short and shreddy fusion licks that make use of chromatic passing tones. The technique used varies for both licks, depending on the speed played. My advice is to use whatever technique feels natural, as opposed to forcing yourself to use anything specific. That said, chromatic tones are usually played with alternate picking (for these type of licks.)

This first example was actually from a private lesson in 2007. It's pretty straight foward, and should be moderately easy to understand and practice. Start slow, and gradually bring up the tempo.

This works as a great warm up excercise for alternate picking! Add some swing, and you've got a shred-fusion lick that you can add into a Howe'esque run.

Intended to be played over an Am backing.