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The Eccentric Hillbilly - A 'lil More Modern

Chris Feener 256 lessons

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To conclude, we play the chorus, and a 3-bar tapping lick which brings us to verse 2 (another time!). The main thing to keep in mind, with regards to the chorus, is the nuances in phrasing. The bends, vibrato and legato demonstrated effectively will sound much more professional, so it's important to remember that there's more to guitar playing than reading notes on a page. Analyze the small things, they will make a difference in the end!

Bars 31 to 33 are very "free", in a rhythmic-sense. They do not lock into any rhythmic grid and after practicing the actual note sequence, play to the backing track slowly as well as up to tempo to produce the rhythm you're comfortable with. The sustained 20th fret bend which concludes the tapping is kind of a "safe-point", as once you reach it, early or late, you can start fresh at bar 34.

And that concludes this tutorial! I hope you had a blast learning tons of cool licks and tricks, and be sure to experiment with these new techniques in your own playing and writing adventures!

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