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Richie Kotzen Style Legato: Pattern 2

Mike Salow 210 lessons

This next pattern is a little trickier to feel. Since it is a group of 5 notes you'll be tempted and more likely to play this with a 5 notes per beat feel rather than the written 16th note feel.

I recommend putting a metronome on 80 and really trying to play this pattern as straight 16th notes. It will feel slightly odd since the downbeat will happen on a different note each time.

Rhythm is key! It doesn't matter how fast you can play your legato run, if there isn't a pocket then you’re selling yourself short. I cannot stress that enough.

Again, be sure to experiment a bit with this pattern. How many different ways can you incorporate it into other licks or ideas? Always milk ideas out to their fullest potential.

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