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The 4 Cable Method - Creating a Rhythm Channel

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

On to creating our first channel.  I want this first channel to be my Distorted rhythm channel, using the gain channel of the amp. Basically what I need here is to have only the FX-unit Loop activated with nothing else, and I will have the same sound as I would having plugged in straight into the amp.

HOWEVER, there are a few things to watch out for:

1. Number one is the transparency of the FX-unit. If your unit is very un-transparent, it will of course color the signal going into the preamp and then also out to the power amp.

2. Number two is to monitor the input level of your FX-unit. If your input level is not set to unity gain, the signal from your guitar will be boosted as it enters the FX input, and then feed that boosted signal into your Preamp section. This will lead to an increased level of distortion. This might be preferable for some. If you find your amp lacking in gain even with hi-gain pickups and you want more gain even for the rhythm sound, you can "Push" the front end of your amp this way.

3. Number three is the output level of your FX-unit. This should be set to unity gain (most often your manual will tell you what this level is for your FX-unit). If it is set too low, the signal from the preamp going into the power amp will be decreased, lowering the overall output of the amp, and perhaps not working your power stage hard enough. Vice versa, if the output level is too high, you risk getting power amp distortion as well.

Once you have plugged into the amp, and played and then made sure you get the same sound (or altered to your gain preference) with your FX-unit you can say you’re done. If you want to fiddle with the EQ please do so in case you find that the amp EQ itself is not giving you the result you want. You can modify it by activating the FX-EQ. You could also add some modulation effects or even compressor to your rhythm tone, all to your liking (Guys like Landau often have a compressor on all the time, regardless of rhythm or lead).

Just save that patch to your preferred position and move on to creating the Lead channel.

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