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Thirdless Voicings - Part 2

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

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So, the first thing we want to get in our heads are how the different chord tones sounds in relation to the thirdless voicings. So, I want you to sing as you play the chords the roots (A,F,G), then the fifths (E,C,D) and finally the thirds (C,A,B). The key here is to ACTIVELY listen to what you are singing! TO HEAR your voice "marry" the voicings inside your head.

If this feels hard for you, or if you feel that your ear might need some strengthening, you should check out my tutorials; Ear Training for Greater Musical Proficiency and Perception VS. Harmonic Context In Rock Fusion Improvisation

These will both strengthen your ear, and season it towards a more practical application in the fusion genre.

After watching this part (where I explain and talk about this listening experience, AND provide you with an excellent example of a BAD singing voice :) ) head on to the next part to see this concept in a new context.

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