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Tutorial: Arp Symmetry

Arp Symmetry - Part 1

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Arp Symmetry - Introduction Arp Symmetry - Part 2

The first arpeggio highlights one of the most common five-string patterns. To apply our distinct economy-style pick approach to this, however, we'll have to make some modifications - beginning with the second note. To eliminate the usual hammer-on we'd be faced with, we're inserting a B note between the root and third to allow the pick direction to reset before dropping to the next string. So what we get is down, up, down - where the last down begins the downward sweeping motion.

Secondly, the string transition from the B to E strings - rather than the arpeggio sequence transitioning from third (13 on B) to fifth (12 on E), we'll be skipping up to the root on the E (17th) directly from the B string. Afterwards, the arpeggio sequence falls back through the regular old A minor five-string arpeggio.

The BEST method for practicing this sequence is to break it into two parts - the entire ascend as one - the entire descend as another. Get one under your fingers before moving on.

Let's check out the next arpeggio...