Megadeth Riffage! - Riff 4 (Chorus)

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Megadeth Riffage! - Riff 3 (Verse) Megadeth Riffage! - Backing Track (Slow)

Let's clue up with a "Crypric Writing"-esque chorus. Again, with tons of room for a more melodic chorus as uniformly demonstrated on most Megadeth albums - we see groupings of four eighth notes in the second half off each bar. Play each chord "shot" with an upstroke to instill the "power" of each power chord and be sure to play with the backing track as these types of rhythms have a tendency to trip some players up due to the "delay" in each bar.

That's all for now, folks! I hope you had a great holiday season and hope your 2012 is filled with tons of ROCK!