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Tutorial - Djent Series Part 1
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Djent Series Part 1 - The Pattern Approach

Chris Feener 256 lessons

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Here's another common technique, alike the "Even-Odd" rhythm approach, we'll be playing meters within meters, except this time, meters within meters within meters. Confused yet? Don't be.

Here's what's happening:

The pattern is One... One-Two... One-Two-Three... One-Two... repeat. There's an eighth note rest between every short segment. Technically, that's 12 notes, hence a measure of 12/8 being forced into an extended 4/4 meter... but let's visualize it differently. Literally visualize it as short groupings that grow in size, and then shrink. Count it out loud as you play it "One... One-Two... One-Two-Three... One-Two... One... One-Two... One-Two-Three... One-Two...". This isn't theoretically a "sound" way to count rhythm, but in this style of music, personally, this approach helps me every day.

An element of "djent" riffing that is gained only through experience and practice is the ability to feel the original meter (generally 4/4) while playing something completely different. Play this exercise while keeping the underlying 4/4 meter somewhere tucked away near the back of your brain. The only thing that memorizing patterns doesn't help you do is remember how in the heck you're going to get out of it after 78 bars!

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